Fire & Salt Co. (F&S), a boutique storefront offering locally sourced meat and goods, partnered with ACM to transform an idea into an award-winning brand identity. Each piece of this brand was designed to communicate their values, support local farmers, and connect with foodies over a good meal.

Award-Winning Brand Identity

Fire & Salt Co.’s goal was to create the ultimate beef experience for customers across the country and ACM took on the challenge. From naming ideation, creating a brand identity, and laying the groundwork for a local storefront and nationwide shipping launch, F&S needed a brand that could continue to grow and scale throughout the years.

To kick off the project, ACM created over 400 logo sketches to find inspiration and direction for the brand. As F&S reviewed a series of hand-picked sketches, they had an affinity for bold, yet sophisticated and masculine logos. We transformed this feedback into a holistic, unified brand identity with the horned ampersand and a Western-inspired serif motif. With a color palette fit for an earthy, nostalgic brand, Fire & Salt Co. was born.

Alongside the logo design and color palette, ACM crafted a Brand Style Guide as a roadmap to maintain the integrity of the brand as the business grows and expands. The Style Guide included 3D-rendered branding and merchandise concepts, typography choices, color rules, logo usage guidelines, and photography styles.

As the collaboration from ACM and F&S took shape in the form of a successful storefront, the brand identity gained recognition in the heart of the Midwest. In 2024, ACM earned two NAMA (National Agri-Marketing Association) awards for the Fire & Salt Co. branding package: The NAMA Region III Best of Show: Advertising and the Corporate Identity category winner. These awards honored the work of F&S’s unique brand positioning and story.

Additional Marketing Collateral

Following the award-winning brand identity, ACM created additional assets to complement the ever-growing brand. F&S’s goal was to create practical, customizable fliers they can adapt for several uses and seasons as they bring in new products and specials for their Corning, Iowa, storefront. The fliers were more than promotional items with products and price tags—they carried the down-to-earth F&S brand into every detail of the store.

To better promote their locally sourced steaks, ACM partnered with F&S to generate on-brand product images. The seasonally-themed images ranged from using the vibrant colors of summer to warm autumnal tones and winter’s crisp, cool palette. Each photograph is built upon the brand identity’s visual cues to connect with foodies and farmers alike. 

Each Piece Tells a Story

As the Fire & Salt Co. branding initiative developed, each piece tells a part of the story. From the award-winning brand identity to detail-oriented fliers and photographs, F&S engages with its audience of people who are passionate about supporting local farmers, cattlemen, and food connoisseurs who care about the story their plates tell.